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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Robots designs..

.. for an unsuccessful test!


Gabby Zapata said...

Cool robots! They'd be neat to have around :)

Logan Pearsall said...

I love the TV robot with the test signal. Great idea!

jerome virmont said...

Les salauds, ils étaient très bien ces robots!!!!

draw said...

c'était pour quoi ?

Anonymous said...

t'en fou :
bosser pour Plankton Invasion ÇA c est la classe ! :)

Anonymous said...

t'en fou:
bosser POUR Plankton Invasion CA C EST LA CLASSE! :)

Andry "Shango" Rajoelina said...

Gabby >> It sure would! :)
Thank you!

Logan >> This one was pretty fun to draw. I could have added a video game or something..
Glad you like it anyway^^

Tonton >> Mais pas encore assez!

Paul Ochon >> Tu sais déjà tout

"Anonyme" >> Mais ouais!

"Anonyme" >> MAIS OUAIS!!!
(c'est qui sinon?)