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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BS noseslide


Unknown said...

I really like this. I just wonder if the lines (white) in the bg could be in other direction to give more a sense of movement to the whole image. Dont' get me wrong it's looking great as it is.

Nicolas Luczkiewicz said...

Wouhouuuu ! Bravo Monsieur le Président de Mada !

Tel Coelho said...

Hi Andry!
Do you ride skateboarding?
This is very good!!!!!
see you!

Anonymous said...

jsui d'accord avec le monsieur du début, la direction des lignes de ton bg figent un peu ta compo alors que ça se veut plutot dynamique

Andry "Shango" Rajoelina said...

Joonas / Gaël >> Thanks! you guys are right, i'll try that!
(pas la peine de traduire Gaël?)

Nicolou >> Merci merci! Yes i can!

Tel >> I used to... but as soon as earn enough money, i think i'll buy me a new board! There's a little street park close to where i currently work, and it makes me wanna ride again^^!