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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The never-seen character of "WALL.E"


Unknown said...

hahahaha trooooooop cool
je kiffe trop le rendu du robot !

et vive les cintiq !

Nicolas Luczkiewicz said...

Class génial top !

Ouaip, super bien gérer le rob' !

Gilberto Valadares said...

You have great stuff here, friend... :)))

Maxime Mary said...

Trop classe garçon, et c'est parti pour un remattage du dvd de Wall-E.

Ben Reynolds said...

hahaha..you're right, you DO want a Cintiq as badly as I do. Perhaps worse. Nice work here man, and to think - you did it without a Cintiq!

Leocartunista said...

Fantastic.....i love that.
Just awesome.

Andry "Shango" Rajoelina said...

Toy >> Merci ô mon jouet! C'est vrai que ça me manque. Faut faire avec les moyens du bord en attendant!

Nicolou >> Merci Franck!

Gilberto >> Thanks man! Glad you like it!

Makism >> Oh merci m'sieur! Moi c'est bon, depuis mon anniv' j'me l'suis matté plein de fois... allez c'est reparti!

Ben >> Eheh! Yeah i do! But like i already told you, i first wish i could afford one!
Thanks anyway, but to think, it's not as if i did it with a mouse! Doing it with a little graphic tablet is good enough! (but it would be way easier with a cintiq!)

Leo >> Thanks again!